What is the Relex Smile Procedure?

Relex SMILE is an advanced form of laser vision correcting technology, which applies to the most recent advances in vision correction to correct nearsightedness or astigmatism, or both. With relex smile surgery, even more people than ever before may be eligible for laser eye correction.


If you’re considering laser eye correction, be sure to review this important information first and explore your options thoroughly. Laser vision correction using an eye surgery of this type can correct your vision in a way that doesn’t require glasses to correct your vision. Here’s why…


The reasons why the Relex SMILE surgery is preferred over all other forms of LASIK correction are: The majority of complications from the typical LASIK eye surgery don’t occur with this form of LASIK. The most common complication from the LASIK procedure is dry eyes, which can be due to epithelial complications if not treated in time.


The vast majority of complications from the typical LASIK eye surgery occur with epithelial complications. Most corneal scarring that occurs from the typical LASIK eye surgery does not occur with the Relex SMILE procedure. Finally, most people that have the Relex SMILE surgery have dry eyes as well.

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