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Even if you’ve been on your fitness journey for a long time, eat in a calorie deficit and get enough movement during the day, sometimes it still isn’t enough to shed those last inches of stubborn fat. But what alternatives exist when you feel you’ve tried everything? This article will detail how stubborn fat deposits occur as well as providing some handy tips to lose excess fat, such as getting extra assistance from body sculpting clinics.

Why Does Stubborn Fat Occur?

The causes of stubborn fat can vary from person to person, but typically genetic factors as well as fluctuations in certain hormone levels such as estrogen are common causes. Although fat is used as a constant energy source, a rise in cortisol due to stress or fluctuations in estrogen levels can cause the body to store more fat than it really needs and lead to the formation of stubborn fat deposits. Body sculpting clinics cite stubborn fat as a frequent concern and complaint of clients.

Fortunately, a subtle shift in diet or exercise regime as well as booking a consultation for body sculpting at a cosmetic clinic in Melbourne can help move this stubborn fat once and for all. Read on for some helpful tips to help you target stubborn fat fast.

Increase Protein Intake

Protein not only helps you stay fuller, meaning you’re less likely to overconsume calories, but the regenerative properties of protein especially after a strenuous strength training workout can lead to a decrease in stubborn fat. Higher protein diets have shown time and time again to speed up the metabolism, further compounding the fat burning effect.

Combine Strength Training & Cardio

While aerobic exercise such as cardio is an excellent way to promote longevity and burn calories on its own, combining cardio with strength training such as weight lifting can lead to a decrease in visceral fat. Be aware that the order you do these exercises in can play a role in their efficacy. It’s best to do cardio after a strength training workout, as doing moderate to intense cardio before weight lifting can delay muscle recovery.

Consider Body Sculpting Treatment

Even if you’re disciplined in your diet and exercise regime, sometimes unwanted stubborn fat will simply remain through no fault of your own. Body sculpting clinics shouldn’t be ruled out as an option to help you lose stubborn fat. Through a process known as fat freezing, the use of medical grade freezing technology can help you move the last of your stubborn fat that diet and exercise can’t, helping you to achieve your ideal aesthetic. Body sculpting and fat freezing treatments are affordable, produce minimal discomfort, and can be found at any good skin clinic in South Yarra or cosmetic clinic in Melbourne.

Reduce Stress

Although easier said than done, destressing can be an effective way to shed stubborn fat. This is because excessive stress can trigger the adrenal glands to overproduce the stress hormone cortisol. Research shows that increases in cortisol lead to an increase in appetite and abdominal fat storage. Stress reduction practices such as journaling and meditation could lead to a decrease in cortisol levels and thus help reduce stubborn belly fat.

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