Planning a Workout Routine for Beginners

Choosing to get into shape is one of the best decisions a person can make. Active living will improve your health, your mood and give you confidence and energy. But many people begin to work out and then fail to follow through. Often people lose interest or even just forget to work out because they just jumped into it without a plan or any way to track their progress. Motivations are fundamental to working out, and so is knowing what to do. Here is a basic breakdown of a workout plan that is easy to follow.

Learn the Equipment: Many beginners feel foolish in a gym because they don’t know how the equipment works and don’t have any technique. Have someone show you the equipment before you start. Learn your limits and safe practices. Also, read up on nutrition. Supplements in New Zealand can be found through an Internet search.

Make a Schedule: When you are starting, it is good to create a schedule that repeats week after week. Later, when your body has adjusted to regular activity, you can do more specific training. The first month should be about waking your body up.

  • Days One and Two: Do a full circuit, hit all the main areas: Your chest, your core, arms, back, legs, and shoulders. You will probably have time for only one circuit, don’t push to your absolute limit. But do ten strenuous repetitions of each appropriate machine. Rest on day two.
  • Days Three and Four: Do another full circuit on day three but use different equipment or techniques for the same areas you worked on day one. Rest on day four.
  • Days Five and Six: Another full circuit, you should be comfortable with the machines now, use the equipment you prefer, try to perfect your form, watch what others are doing, and push yourself harder than you did on day one. Rest on Day 6
  • Day Seven, Natural Cardio: Forget the machines; this is the day to go outside and do something active. If the weather is terrible, consider the pool. Pick some outdoor activity and do it with enthusiasm. Repeat this routine for four weeks. Then you can train more specifically.

When you work out, make sure that you remember to warmup, do some stretches, and maybe 10 minutes of cardio to get the blood pumping. You can include a cool down as well. Don’t forget to make a journal of your workouts. You should record machine settings and repetitions. And take a before picture. You will be so happy you did when the exercise starts to show results.

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