Improving Cannabis Packaging: A Guide For Dispensaries

If you want to turn your cannabis products into a hot brand, you have to consider packaging as a key aspect of marketing. Cannabis is known to have more than hundred different compounds called cannabinoids, besides flavonoids and terpenes. Terpenes add flavor and aroma to the buds and must be preserved. Each cannabis product is also different and needs a specific kind of packaging. For instance, concentrates must be sealed in tight jars and containers, while flowers can be stored in mylar bags that are FDA-approved and food safe. So, how can you improve cannabis packaging? Here are some quick things to consider.

  • Expand your budget. Luxury cannabis products have one thing in common – stellar and eye-grabbing packaging. Make sure that your budget is enough to handle specific products that you intend to sell. Like any other seller, you have to consider the target audience. If you are selling recreational cannabis to people in their 20s, you don’t have much to worry about for packaging of buds and flowers. However, when you are selling premium strains and concentrates, luxury packaging is necessary.
  • Keep it simple, stupid. This is also called the KISS rule. You have to ensure that your cannabis packaging is readable and makes sense to the end user. It is necessary to provide all the relevant information, such as THC content, but don’t make the packaging hard to comprehend.
  • Find a good packaging partner. There are companies in the US that specialize in cannabis packaging, and they can offer all sorts of plastic products, containers and custom bags for selling your products. You don’t have to outsource to a third-party service in another country anymore. To try a local cannabis packaging company, place a small order and check their response.

  • Information is critical. Like we mentioned, the law requires dispensaries and brands to mention all details like potency, strain information, source, and related info on cannabis packaging. You want to be sure that your consumer finds what they are looking for, so that they don’t have to spend more time buying their weed supplies.
  • Product protection. Beyond design and looks, it is absolutely important to ensure that your product packaging protects the quality and goodness of cannabis. For instance, the terpene profile of selected cannabis products can get damaged because of exposure to air.

Check online now to find more on how other brands are focusing better on cannabis packaging.

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