Getting six pack abs is easier now if you perform this variation of crunches.

Having a good physique is everyone’s dream. And the body portraying the six pack abs perfectly looks even more fantastic. But achieving this requires some effort. There’s no doubt about it. However, most of you keep exercising for hours to achieve this. But in reality, you can accomplish these abs by even ten minutes of proper exercise guided by an expert. Well, if we listen to them intently, these experts favour crunches a lot. This type of workout increases your core health and improves your stamina and stability and creates the six pack abs that you desire so much.

  • Reverse crunch – One of the easiest and most effective crunches is the reverse crunch. It makes your body more flexible and even helps build up better strength. To try this, just lie on your back, tightening your abs. Now lift your hips from the ground and crunch your knees forward. Repeat this position as you feel comfortable doing it.
  • Bicycle crunches – If you intend to burn maximum calories and even create six packs, then go for bicycle crunches. You only need to lay down straight with your hands behind your head in this workout. Now, crunch your left leg to the side of the right shoulder and vice versa. You can even try the standing variation of this crunch with the same style. The only difference here is your standing position. You don’t just get your abs easily with this process but also tone your thigh perfectly.
  • Side crunch – Side crunch might be a bit tricky, but it certainly helps in producing that abs relatively faster. You just have to lie on your back with your legs bent at a 90-degree angle. Then, from your waist, turn onto your side, hands behind your head, and squeeze your abdominal muscles while lifting your shoulders off the floor. You benefit from side crunches by working both the external and internal oblique. Side crunches help to sculpt your waist and can help to hide love handles.
  • Oblique crunch – To enhance your physical strength and gain those six pack abs, you can try a variety of oblique crunches. One of the basic and quite popular is lying on your back and tightening your abs to lift your shoulders a little upwards from the ground. Now, turn slowly to the right. With this turn, bring your right elbow closer to your left knee. Repeat this action in the same manner with the other side. As you crunch your body to the sides practising these actions, you automatically create that abs that you dream of!


Crunches seem a bit difficult and energy-consuming at the start. But no one said you have to do twenty crunches in a day! You can start small and practise five or six. Gradually increase it and try all its variants for double benefits and improved physique. After a few weeks, you can flaunt those six pack abs proudly to your spectators and even live an active and healthy life!

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